Brisktrade Offshore has been issued a contract to undertake an engineering assessment on Shell’s Bonga Water Injection Flowlines

The objective of the project is to identify locations where a previous pipeline stress assessment on the flowlines had reported anomalies and determine if such anomalies are a result of wall loss/corrosion damages or other sources of stress such as pipeline span, bends, or seabed irregularities.
The project includes;

  • Collating and reviewing the Water Injection flowlines data, and map them with previous stress assessment report in order to identify specific locations of anomalies
  • Carrying out On-bottom roughness analysis for the flowlines using finite element simulations for modelling and analysis.
  • Preparing a comprehensive report where-in to identify anomalies which are as a result of wall loss and those as a result of stress due to other phenomena while making adequate recommendations


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