About Us

Brisktrade Offshore is a leading indigenous company established to provide technical solutions to the Nigerian Oil & Gas, Marine, Energy, and Manufacturing Industries.

We provide reliable, cutting-edge services from simple or advanced engineering solutions to Integrity Management and Repairs of Oil and Gas assets through to lifetime extension and decommissioning. Our customers rely on us to have reliable data and specialist solutions to manage their assets and we strive to work collaboratively with clients to share best practices, challenge the status quo, and develop innovative solutions.

As an indigenous Nigerian company, we believe in delivering the highest quality service and our unique, expanding capabilities are committed to promoting synergy with our partners worldwide, combining several years of experience with ever-evolving innovation to deliver exceptional and reliable outcomes to customers.

Our Mission: Delighting our customers by efficiently meeting their needs while withholding our corporate identity.

Our Values

Using local content to bridge the knowledge gap in the industry, by harnessing the opportunities in technology transfer, employment generation, and competence development.

  • Boldness: Self-assurance of a positive result.
  • Responsiveness: An open-minded approach to customer’s need
  • Innovation: Consistently seeking improvement
  • Safety: Reliable Services
  • Knowledgeable: Our experienced team of professionals.

Our Team

Our employees and partners play major roles in our operation and our success stories over the years.

Our team consists of individuals with recognized track records, years of cognate experience and professionalism. We are highly dedicated to achieving reliable outcomes and we completes projects to the highest of industry standards.

About Us