The technology ART — with its coating penetration and accuracy capabilities for through-wall inspection of pressure holding equipment is well suited to detect mediums. The technology is deployed remotely via our ARTEMIS™ system to provide unique external inspection of subsea assets, including rigid and flexible pipelines, flow lines and risers.

ARTEMIS®  is a subsea external pipeline and riser inspection system that inspects subsea pipelines and risers with measurement capabilities exceeding existing alternative technologies. It is deployed on a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to inspect subsea pipelines to assess their internal condition. With its unique sensors design, it is able to perform a full circumferential scan in a fraction of the time needed by less-sophisticated technologies. Because there is no radioactive source, health and safety risks are significantly reduced.

Key Benefits of ART:

– Unmatched coating penetration

– Inspection of flexibles

– Compatible with any ROV

– Real-time communications to topside