COMPA Repairs

A technology for repair and reinforcement of damaged structures and pipes using composite materials.

Our team offers expertise in composite patching and overlay wrap repair technology for both onshore and offshore topside pipelines, vessels, and tanks suffering from various defects (external corrosion, internal corrosion, severe abrasion, pitting, mechanical damages, dent, crack, leak, through-wall defects, weld defect, pinhole, etc.)

Our composite wrap repair method is unique due to the use of high-quality materials (Carbon fibre & epoxy). This repair service is fast and cost-effective compared to traditional methods.

Our Composite wrap repair has a lifespan of about 20 years if the patch is not exposed to UV and 10years if it is.

The Benefits;

  • Safe, No hot works involved
  • Done during voyage or port operations
  • Applicable to any shape
  • Engineered to restore integrity without shutdown
  • Low added weight
  • Applicable to anything reachable by hand


Areas of application: Pipelines, Ships/FPSOs, Vessels, Civil works (Bridges and Supports), Aviation (Pressure membrane)