This course is a must if you need to improve your knowledge of offshore pipeline installation techniques. Enhance your appreciation of the capabilities of the latest pipe-lay vessels and equipment and gain confidence in identifying the best technical solutions for your projects.

Explaining a variety of pipe-lay and pipeline protection methods for rigid and flexible risers, this course will develop your ability and confidence to select the most suitable method for different scenarios. Associated activities including surveying, diving and pre-commissioning are discussed, as well as the latest methods for decommissioning pipelines. This course also covers the construction process for risers, spools, stalk-ons, pipeline end manifolds (PLEMs) and terminations (PLETs) as well as alternative installation methods such as mechanical connectors.

timer icon Duration 4 Days
clock Study Hours 28
timer icon Duration 4 Days
clock Study Hours 28
  • Summarise technical aspects of offshore pipeline installation with confidence
  • Select the most appropriate construction methods for different scenarios
  • Suggest mitigation options for issues affecting pipeline installation
  • Measure protection requirements
  • Appreciate the associated health, safety and environmental implications
  • Incorporate legal, quality and commercial considerations for offshore construction



Pipe supply, welding, NDT and ECA

  • What is S-lay?
  • S-lay vessel types
  • S-lay process
  • S-lay market and vessels
  • Insulated lines
  • Lay curve control
  • Line pipe supply and specifications
  • Welding procedure
  • Welding methods
  • NDT
  • ECA


Bundles and towed installation

  • What is J-lay?
  • J-lay sequence
  • J-lay projects
  • J-lay vessels
  • J-lay performance
  • Rapid pipe welding
  • Mechanical connectors
  • J-lay from drilling rig
  • What are bundles?
  • Bundle design
  • Bundle fabrication
  • Towhead structures
  • Towing methods
  • Insulation and heating systems
  • Deep-water bundles
  • <Pros and cons of bundles
  • Surface tow

Installation of flexibles


  • Unbonded flexibles installation process
  • Umbilical cables
  • Bonded hoses
  • What is reel-lay?
  • Reel-lay process
  • Reel-lay market and vessels
  • Special considerations



  • Pull ashore into cofferdam
  • Pull offshore from onshore construction site
  • Directionally – drilled landfalls
  • Flanged connection by diver
  • Hyperbaric welding
  • Diverless tie-ins



  • Gauging and flooding
  • Hydrotesting
  • Dewatering, air and vacuum drying
  • Testing of valves and controls
  • Law
  • QA
  • HSE management
  • Risk assessment
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Environmental


  • Survey methods
  • Survey operations

Seabed modification

Post-lay trenching and burial

  • Sweeping
  • Rock removal
  • Protection
  • Rock dump
  • Concrete mattresses
  • Protective structures
  • Crossings
  • Ploughing
  • Jetting
  • Cutting
  • Cable trenching
  • Trench transitions
  • Backfilling

Diving and ROV operations

  • Diving and equipment
  • ROV operations