Brisktrade is a strong advocate of human capital development to increase the local capacity of indigenous engineers. As an ambassador of local content development, Brisktrade provide tailored learning interventions to meet the needs of our clients.

In partnership with Jee Ltd and Kaefer Ltd, we provide training solutions for professional engineers. Our training portfolio is built on the back of our engineering capabilities, where our expertise in providing integrated “real-world” engineering services forms the backbone of the learning experience we deliver in the classroom.

Jee Limited has built a world-renowned reputation for excellence within the global oil and gas training sector. The diverse selection of topics and technical difficulties its training courses cover makes them invaluable to anyone within the industry from graduate engineers and support staff, through to senior engineers and professionals.

Also, we provide manpower supply services to the oil and gas industry, with the ability to scale up large requirements to support your manpower requests.

We have technical experts at our disposal who are fully trained, qualified and experienced over a broad range of disciplines. Not forgetting the growing demand for a locally compliant industry, we take cognizance of the need to develop local skills, technology transfer, use of local manpower and manufacturing for the latter for an overall development of the national economy.

Our Dedicated Training Services