Maintenance & Repairs

Asset failure due to severe corrosion, abrasion, mechanical damages, crack/leaks, weld defects etc. are common in oil and gas and they impact operational activities, oil and gas production as well as the environment.

We assist our customers to sustain the integrity of their assets by providing top notch repair and maintenance services. The solutions are provided by a team of seasoned and experienced engineers bringing on board both local and international hands-on know-how to the problem at hand. We understand some challenges are unique in nature so we work hand-in-hand with you to provide a solution that will meet the objectives of the repairs.

We pride ourselves in the solutions we provide and we have experiences of various projects giving you the guaranty you need to engage our team for your next repair/maintenance project. A few of our repair solutions for Tanks, Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Pipelines & Pipings, Risers etc. are:

  • COMPA Repairs
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS)
  • Retro-fit cps and cable repair system
  • Pipe-In-Pipe PIP waterstops
  • Riser Repair Systems
  • Sectional Replacement