“The inspection of subsea structures and assets can be a difficult, costly, and even perilous task. In cases where divers are unable to operate in such hazardous conditions, robotic inspections are often the preferred solution.

Brisktrade is adequately equipped with remotely deployable advanced NDT technologies such as ART, ACFM, PEC, AUT. We employ ROVs to directly inspect or deploy robotic subsystems to further inspect and ascertain the integrity of structure welds, pipelines and other deep-water assets. Customizable to meet any requirements and complexities.”

We provide accurate and reliable data to efficiently manage and perform damage assessment on
subsea assets such as:

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  • Splash zone
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Guide frames
  • Manifolds
  • Spools
  • Piles
  • Well heads
  • Mid-water arches
  • Spud cans
  • Subsea storage tanks


Subsea structure and assets